CEREC in Office Lab

CEREC® stands for Chairside Economical Restoration of Esthetic Ceramics.

CEREC® is a new quick high tech system that restores teeth with a ceramic/porcelain material in one visit.

CEREC® (see cereconline.com) uses Cad-Cam technology whereby, once the tooth has been removed of decay and properly shaped, the tooth is 3-D digitally scanned with a small wand-like camera. With this digital scan, a precision replacement for the missing tooth structure is precisely milled from a special small porcelain block. This precision porcelain replacement of the missing tooth structure is then bonded into the tooth. The result is a natural looking tooth colored porcelain restoration that strengthens the tooth and the damaged tooth is repaired. This CEREC® procedure is usually used for replacing large areas of a tooth where regular fillings would not be strong enough.

The advantage of this technique is that only one single session is needed. No more hassle of a temporary material in your mouth for 2 to 3 weeks. There is no need for a second return visit and new anesthetic. Previous to the CEREC® technology, extensive tooth restoration required an outside dental lab to fabricate the restoration and thereby required two office visits to complete the procedure. No goopy impressions are needed in this technique.

Also, not only is the restoration very durable, tooth-colored, but it is also metal free. Being metal free is important because of the very high incidence of metal allergies and sensitivities in people, especially women.

Westlake Hills Dental Arts is proud to be one of a limited number of dental offices in Austin have CEREC®.