Complete Smile Makeover Appointments

Closeup portrait of a happy mature woman giving you a cute smile

First Appointment: Diagnosis & Treatment Planning (Cosmetic Workup)

The purpose of the Cosmetic Workup is to collect the information needed to provide you with a beautiful smile. In this workup we look at the interrelationship of the teeth, the lips, and the face.

The purpose of the Cosmetic Workup is to collect the information needed to provide you with a beautiful smile. In this workup we look at the interrelationship of the teeth, the lips, and the face.

At the Cosmetic Workup appointment the following is performed:

  • A series of digital photographs of the face, smile, and teeth are taken to evaluate your existing smile and you future ideal smile.
  • Together with you, using an LVI smile picture book, the ideal teeth shape for your smile is reviewed.
  • Your desired degree of whiteness is determined.
  • Personal smile cosmetic issues are reviewed.
  • If not already taken, necessary x-rays are taken to reveal tooth, root, and bone integrity.
  • Impressions of your teeth are taken for study models. These models are then used for cosmetic and engineering analysis.
  • Using your study models, our dental laboratory in California, Microdental Laboratory (see, performs a wax up of a likeness of the ideal teeth shape we selected. This way you are able to visualize what your smile could look like on a model prior to having any work done on your teeth. Adjustments to the smile design, if desired, are also made. This wax up also enables us to determine the simplicity or complexity of the engineering of your case.

Using all of the information that we gather in the Cosmetic Workup Appointment an analysis of the following is performed:

  • Facial symmetry/asymmetry
  • Relationship of the teeth to the lips and face
  • Amount of gum revealed when smiling
  • Teeth proportions with respect to size, length, position, anatomy, and color

Following this Cosmetic Workup appointment, we set up an appointment to review the wax up from the laboratory, the analysis findings, and the fee for the services.

Second Appointment: Preparation

The preparation appointment where we do the necessary shaping and preparation of the teeth for the veneers will require a three to four hour appointment, depending on your individual case. During this time you can pick a DVD movie from our Movie Menu of over 50 titles and watch it using our virtual movie headset. If desired, the anxious patient can be premeditated with a sedative for this appointment.
An impression is taken of the prepared teeth and sent to the lab for veneer fabrication. Attractive temporary veneers are then placed at this appointment time. The permanent veneers are usually ready in approximately two to three weeks.

Third Appointment: Bonding of the veneers

During the bonding of the permanent veneers appointment, the doctor will first place the veneers on your teeth to check the fit and color. At this point, we will have you verify that you are totally happy with the look of the veneers before the veneers are bonded onto the teeth. We have never had a patient that didn’t absolutely love their radiant beautiful new smile! This appointment takes approximately three to four hours. Again, the patient relaxes through the procedure by watching a movie if desired.

Care & Follow-Up

Brush and floss daily as you would with natural teeth.

Maintenance of Your New Veneers

Brush and floss as you normally would. Don’t be afraid that you will damage your veneers by doing so. At first you may be over cautious about your veneers, but they are very strong and are extremely well bonded to the teeth. And in no time you will forget that you have veneers on your teeth, because they will feel that natural! You’ll almost forget that you didn’t always have a radiant sparkling smile!
If you have teeth grinding issues at night, our doctors will recommend that you be fitted with a night guard in order to protect your teeth.