Preventive Care and Regular Cleanings

Maintaining Your Oral Health

The first step in taking care of a great smile is good oral hygiene. Get rid of the primitive manual toothbrush! Great technology has replaced it. We recommend using a good quality electric toothbrush (such as Sonicare or Braun) for brushing after meals. We also recommend daily use with the Waterpik Water Flosser (it’s great for cleaning between and around the teeth and gums). String flossing is still recommended.


For most patients, a periodic six month visit to the dental office for teeth cleaning is sufficient for removal of tartar buildup. We give our highly trained and gentle hygienists a full hour to have time to perform a through and unrushed cleaning. X-rays of the teeth should be performed at least once a year to catch early any developing problems.

Visual oral cancer checks are performed at every cleaning appointment. We also recommend periodically the Velscope fluorescence tissue visualization for more advanced oral tissue cancer screening.