1Most people clench and grind their teeth when they sleep, while many people are unaware that they even do this. Grinding can exert tremendous force upon the teeth causing receding gums, severe wearing down of the teeth, sore jaw muscles, TMJ joint problems, and teeth chipping or breaking. Nightguards buffer these extreme forces, balance the bite, and shield the teeth from damage.


Nightguards are removable dental appliances molded to fit the upper teeth that are worn over the teeth when sleeping.

Although this destructive nocturnal grinding and clenching is exacerbated by stress, it is a natural occurrence, uncontrollable and involuntary. Once the hard enamel outer surface of the teeth has been worn down, the destruction occurs even more rapidly. Only quality, professionally made nightguards should be used to ensure the precision needed for proper jaw joint stability, optimal comfort, teeth protection, and prevent unintended teeth migration.

A nightguard is one of the best investments that you can make to ensure your teeth last a lifetime.