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Advanced Dental Services & Technology – West Lake Hills, TX

Keeping Your Dental
Office Modern

Dr. Long cares about maintaining a dental office that is not just clean, warm, and welcoming, but equipped with the latest dental technology! As part of her continuing education and commitment to providing the most comprehensive care possible, she’s included many dental technologies that make your care better in just about every way. Learn more about our implementations below or give us a call and schedule an appointment today to see them for yourself!

Committed to State-of-the-Art & Comfortable Dental Experiences

Intraoral Cameras

Dentist using intraoral camera to capture smile images

While dental exams are important, they can feel quite alienating when you can’t see what the dentist sees. Whether you want a better understanding of your oral health or you aren’t sure why we’re recommending a specific treatment, our intraoral camera makes the whole process easier. This handheld device can capture high-resolution images of your oral structures, then send these images to a nearby monitor so you can discuss them with our team directly.

All-Digital X-Rays

Dental team member and patient examining digital x-rays

In the past, dental X-rays not only took a long time to complete, but required unnecessary high levels of radiation and harmful film-developing chemicals to receive. Today, dental offices like Westlake Hills Dental Arts have gone fully digital, meaning X-ray systems can capture images in a matter of minutes and with up to 85% less radiation overall. With that said, we always perform necessary safety protocols to keep patients safe during their diagnostic exams.

Diode Laser Dentistry

Patient receiving soft tissue diode laser dentistry

Part of what makes a smile beautiful is the symmetrical architecture of the gums around your teeth. Sometimes there is extra gum tissue that covers part of your tooth that should be showing, making your teeth appear to be shorter than they actually are. With a simple, painless procedure, we can often remove that excess tissue and expose your teeth for a more proportional, esthetic smile.

Are you prone to canker sores or cold sores? Did you know that we can do a three-minute procedure that can provide immediate pain relief, decrease healing time, and even prevent a sore from emerging at all if we catch it in its early stages? This procedure is like magic and can be a life-saver if you are in pain or have an important event coming up.

Panoramic X-Ray

woman being scanned by panoramic xray machine

While a traditional dental X-ray is great if we just need to look at a few teeth, what if we need to see all of them at once? A panoramic X-ray allows us to create one long image that shows all of the teeth, helping us better understand the orientation of the bite and how the position of each tooth affects one another. We frequently use it to plan for more complicated procedures like dental implants, as it helps us evaluate the condition of the jawbone.

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