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Dental Bridges – Westlake Hills, TX

Fill the Gaps in Your Smile for Good

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Did you know that roughly 140 million Americans are missing at least one tooth? So, if you are missing one tooth or several teeth in a row, you’re certainly not alone. Since the consequences on your smile, bite, and speech can be staggering, it’s important to fill the gaps in your smile for good. Dental bridges in Westlake Hills can help you do just that! To learn more about this smile-rebuilding treatment, get in touch with our team or read on.

Why Choose Westlake Hills Dental Arts for Dental Bridges?

What Is a Dental Bridge?

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Dental bridges are one of the most popular restorative options available today, but what exactly are they? In short, they are a tooth-replacement solution that can effectively replace one missing tooth or several consecutive missing teeth. To accomplish this, the free-standing replacement teeth (called pontics) are anchored in place with a dental crown on either side, seamlessly filling in the gaps in your smile.

Types of Dental Bridges

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If you are struggling with tooth loss, the first step is to schedule an appointment with our incredible dentist in Westlake Hills, Dr. Rebecca Long. During this visit, she will learn more about your dental history, lifestyle, and smile goals before determining what type of dental bridge is right for you.

Traditional Dental Bridge

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A traditional dental bridge can effectively replace one missing tooth or several missing teeth in a row. With this approach, dental crowns are anchored to the two teeth adjacent to the gap, allowing the replacement teeth to rest against your gums for support. Although this requires treating potentially healthy teeth, you’ll enjoy a full smile and complete bite again!

Implant Bridge

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Implant bridges are similar to the traditional alternative in that they can effectively replace one or several missing teeth. The difference is that the bridge is secured in place with two dental implants instead of two dental crowns. As a result, no healthy teeth are altered. Plus, dental implants can last for 20+ years with proper care!

The Benefits of Getting a Dental Bridge

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There is a reason dental bridges are one of the most popular tooth-replacement options. For example, they:

If you are missing teeth, you know all too well the negative effects it can have on your quality of life. Don’t worry – dental bridges in Westlake Hills can effectively restore your bite, smile, and speech. To find out if they’re the right fit for you, schedule an initial consultation today!

Dental Bridges FAQs

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Ready to replace one or several missing teeth in a row? With a dental bridge, you can be sure to appreciate a lifelike and reliable solution for renewing your smile. Still, it’s natural to want to know more about the treatment before jumping on board. That’s why our team has collected a list of our most commonly asked questions about dental bridges in Westlake Hills. Feel free to read on or call us if you don’t see the information you’re looking for!

How Long Should a Dental Bridge Last?

In most cases, a dental bridge can go as far as 5 or 15 years before needing replacements. Of course, this number will vary based on certain factors, such as the kind of material it’s constructed out of. Our team uses porcelain to create your restoration, so you should be able to enjoy a natural-looking and durable tooth replacement for well over a decade if you take proper care of it. Other than your oral hygiene routine, the lifespan of your dental bridge will also depend on your diet and daily habits, such as nail-biting, teeth grinding, chewing on ice, and smoking. Additionally, bridges that replace front teeth can typically last longer than those in the back of the mouth because they won’t be worn down from excessive chewing. Restorations supported by dental implants will also go for much longer than traditional ones.

Can You Take a Dental Bridge Out?

Dental bridges are designed to stay in your mouth indefinitely until they need to be replaced or repaired. The only one who should be able to remove them is your dentist. This means that you shouldn’t be able to take them out by yourself. Unfortunately, some healthcare professionals refer to partial dentures as “removable bridges.” This is far from the truth. Though these two tooth-replacement options share similar abilities for restoring multiple teeth, partial dentures are meant to be removed every night whereas dental bridges are not.

Do Dental Bridges Look Natural?

As mentioned before, our team will fabricate your dental bridge out of porcelain, giving your restoration durability and natural-looking results to match the rest of your pearly whites. After we’ve fitted them to your smile, most people won’t even be able to tell the difference unless you tell them! Furthermore, since your dental bridge is designed to remain in your mouth at all times, you won’t have to worry about your new teeth slipping out of place or popping off at inconvenient times.

How Many Teeth Can a Dental Bridge Replace?

The number of teeth a dental bridge can replace will be based on your specific needs. However, while these restorations can sometimes restore one to four consecutively missing teeth, our team will typically recommend replacing one or two teeth in most cases. This is because a lengthier bridge can often become unstable in the long run, which can usually occur when renewing three or more pearly whites. To lower this risk, you might consider supporting your dental bridge with dental implants, as these will anchor your restoration directly to your facial structure.

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