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How Dental Implants May Extend Your Life Expectancy

December 7, 2021

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smiling person with dental implants

From dentures to bridges, there are a variety of ways you can replace missing teeth. Dental implants are the tooth replacement option of choice for many dentists and patients alike since they’re permanent, durable, and well worth the investment. Along with their practical and aesthetic benefits, dental implants can also help you maintain good oral and overall health. In some cases, they may even save your life. Read on to learn about the link between dental implants health benefits and life expectancy.


3 Reasons to Get That Dental Crown You Need Before the Year Ends

November 10, 2021

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Dental appointment reminder on calendar with red pin

At your last dental visit, did your dentist recommend a dental crown? If you’re reading this blog, then the answer is most likely, “yes.” If anxiety surrounding treatment, nerves over the cost, or a simple hope that the tooth will heal on its own has caused you to consider putting off treatment, there are a few important reasons you should reconsider. To learn what they are, read on!


Combat Tooth Decay Using Your Dental Insurance

October 28, 2021

Tooth decay has often been viewed as only a childhood issue however, 26% of adults between the ages of 20 to 64 have untreated cavities. Even if you aren’t experiencing any issues, you shouldn’t wait to have those cavities taken care of. We understand there are many reasons why you may be holding off on getting treatment. However, delaying your care could lead to tooth pain, infection and even loss of your tooth. With the holidays right around the corner, Dr. Long recommends getting an appointment scheduled before this year is over. Time is running out to maximize your dental benefits and help lower your out-of-pocket costs.


Tips for Understanding Your Dental Insurance

August 30, 2021

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Dental insurance paperwork for your Westlake Hills dentist

How much do you know about your dental insurance coverage? Many people don’t bother to learn about it or get confused by the technical jargon. Not to worry! Your Westlake Hills dentist is here to break down some important information you need to know to better understand how your dental insurance works. From there, you can make sure to maximize your coverage and make the most out of your investment.


Why Does My Jaw Hurt on Only One Side?

August 18, 2021

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Man with jaw pain, may need to visit emergency dentist in West Lake Hills

If your jaw begins to hurt on only one side, you might be alarmed and confused at first — that’s a perfectly normal reaction. You might even worry that your jaw pain is signaling a heart attack! Fortunately, that probably isn’t what is happening. There are a number of causes of one-sided jaw pain that, while they might warrant a visit to an emergency dentist in West Lake Hills, are not immediately life-threatening.


Avoid the Dangers of Chewing Ice

July 2, 2021

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Glass of soda with iceIt can be difficult to resist chewing ice on a hot day. While the ice at the bottom of your glass might be a nice refreshing treat after finishing your drink, you can find yourself sitting in the dental chair at your emergency dentist in West Lake Hills. Whether you enjoy Shaved Ice, Snow Cones, or just chomping on an ice cube, you are opening the door to a dental emergency. Although you might have chewed ice countless times without an issue, here are a few facts that might make you reconsider the habit.


Wondering What a Tooth Extraction Feels Like? Read This!

March 2, 2021

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Dentist explaining X-ray to patient

Are you struggling with a severely damaged or decayed tooth? Has gum disease negatively impacted your bone tissue, resulting in loose teeth? Do you need space to be made in your mouth for orthodontic treatment? Tooth extractions are a safe, effective, straight-forward procedure designed to address these concerns and more. Unfortunately, many patients are hesitant to move forward due to fear of pain or discomfort. If you’re in the same boat, then keep reading to learn all about the tooth extraction process and why it is virtually pain-free.


4 Ways to Protect Your Smile and Avoid a Dental Emergency

February 7, 2021

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a young woman walking on a street and smiling, showing off her healthy, fully intact smile

Not all dental emergencies are avoidable. A sudden tumble while on a walk, falling off a bike, or taking a hard hit on the football field aren’t necessarily preventable. However, there are steps you can take to minimize the potential for all types of dental injuries. An emergency dentist in West Lake Hills weighs in on the topic to share 4 ways you can prevent emergencies and keep your smile fully intact.

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