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4 Back-to-School Tips to Prevent Dental Emergencies

August 23, 2022

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Now that back-to-school season is here, you might feel like your to-do list is endless. From buying school supplies and new clothes, you’ll want to ensure your child is prepared for the upcoming semester. One of the most important things to consider is to help them maintain their oral health, especially since summer vacation is over. To keep their pearly whites healthy and safe, here are four essential tips to prevent dental emergencies throughout the school year!

Tip #1: Start the Semester with a Dental Checkup

Other than brushing and flossing their teeth every day, your child should also visit their dentist for checkups and cleanings every six months. Not only will they be able to thoroughly remove debris and stubborn plaque to prevent cavities, but they will also address any underlying or developing issues they may detect. This will allow them to stop more serious oral health issues early on before they can become bigger problems. By scheduling a visit before the school year, your child will be ready to tackle their assignments without distractions from a toothache.

Tip #2: Pack Their Lunch with Healthy Meals

While your child might enjoy sugary treats, it’s important to pack their meals with nutrient-dense foods. Though sodas and candies are known to cause cavities, snacks that are packed with carbohydrates and starches can be just as detrimental to teeth. To avoid the risk of tooth decay, make sure your child sticks to a well-balanced diet consisting of lean proteins, fresh fruits, cooked veggies, and plenty of water.

Tip #3: Make Sure Your Child Doesn’t Practice Poor Oral Habits

Does your little one tend to chew on pencils? Do they like to use their teeth to open packages or school supplies? Though these may seem harmless at first, one wrong bite can end up as a dental emergency, such as a chipped, cracked, or fractured tooth. Try to encourage them to use tools instead, that way they don’t hurt their smile in the long run.

Tip #4: Invest in a Mouthguard If They Play Sports

If your child enjoys playing contact sports, then you might want to invest in a custom-made mouthguard. This is especially beneficial if there’s a risk of them taking a blow to the face, which can become costly if they require restorative treatment. Speak with your dentist if you’re interested, and they can recommend the best products for your little one.

Although the back-to-school season might seem hectic, you’ll want to implement these best practices to protect your child’s oral health. By keeping these few tips in mind, they’ll be able to enjoy their year with a strong and beautiful smile!

About the Author

Dr. Rebecca Long earned her dental doctorate from the University of Illinois at Chicago College of Dentistry. She’s also a member of the Academy of General Dentistry and has completed countless hours of continuing education to expand her techniques. She offers a vast collection of advanced and comprehensive services, including dental checkups/cleanings, gum disease therapy, and emergency dentistry. If you’d like to schedule an appointment for your child, visit her website or call her at 512-489-9157.

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